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Power Quality Analysers

The Power Quality Analyser is a versatile and powerful instrument. Our Vecto III & Impedo Duo Power Quality Analyser allows diagnosis of Power Quality problems, Energy Load Profiling and for producing Harmonic Surveys of an electrical installation. For general everyday electrical and power quality testing visit our Shop as at Watt Logik we offer power quality analysers that measure the power in W, kWh whilst also analysing the harmonics. Our power analysers consist of a multi-function power analyser devices measuring direct current and alternating current, AC-voltage and DC-voltage the intensity of DC or AC, apparent & effective power and phase rotation and idle.

Power Analysers are used as energy-measuring devices, but can also be used for network analysis and the determination of harmonics and phase rotation. When looking for a power analyser or power measuring device one mus consider application and determine if a temporary measurement or long-term continuous is best carried out. One must also identify whether to use a 1-phase or 3-phase instrument as in the in the 3-phase power analyser you must differentiate between asymmetrical and symmetrical power measurements.

Power Quality Analyser Uses

The power analyser is useful for lost of applications such as a power functionality enabled clamp meter is perfect for basic power measurements. Complex electrical equipment will need a high-end power analyser designed to break down any issues with a high level of accuracy. Everyday companies waste energy due to poor power quality and this is where our power quality analysers are essential. Our high-grade testing instruments are designed to report and flag problems within electrical systems, allowing you to identify where power is being lost and address the issue. Today power quality analysers often have a range of features like measurement of harmonics, insulated current input, AC and DC current measurement, AC and DC voltage measurement, frequency measurement, phase rotation measurement and idle, apparent and effective power measurement. All this data can also be logged and analysed with the delivered PC-Software. Power analysers of the type PCE PA 6000 can determine the energy in single-phase systems.

When looking for a power quality analyser or power measuring device, the question about application comes first. Here it is important to distinguish whether a temporary measurement or a continuous long-term measurement should be carried out with a power quality analyser. Furthermore, it must be found out whether it goes about 1-phase or 3-phase measurement. In the 3-phase power measurement, it is also necessary to differentiate between symmetrical and asymmetrical power measurement.

Power Quality Measuring

You can measure anything to do with power with one of our instruments at hand. A power quality analyser can measure voltage, current, voltage/current waveform peak, active power, reactive power, efficiency, loss, harmonics, power factor, voltage/current ripple factor, phase angle, frequency, current integration, power integration, electrical noise and much more. When it comes to power quality troubleshooting, finding and eliminating power quality issues can be tricky. The first step in solving these power quality issues is capturing the data needed to troubleshoot. Our power quality analysers will help identify harmonic distortion issues and voltage anomalies. Power Quality Analysers are the common topic of conversation for electrical contractors and are the preferred test meter tool of choice for modern electrical installation and solving Power Quality problems such as Harmonics, Flicker, Voltage Dips Sags and Swells.

Power Analyser Types

Some power quality analysers have current clamps and others have Rogowski coils. The design is the difference as a current clamp is rigid and can be used anywhere accessible to measure the current-carrying power of a system. When the currents measured by the gauge are low one it is advised to use Current clamps – They are usable to a maximum of 1200 A per phase. Current clamps can be difficult to use in sub-distribution and control cabinets because of their rigid design. It is because of this that power quality analysers with Rogowski coils are used. These power quality analysers are the perfect power measurements when there is not enough space for the current clamps. Rogowski coils also can be used for a much high current per phase rate being able to determine up to 10,000 A.

Multi function power analyzer

power quality analyser
power quality analysers

power analysers


Whether you are a small businesses or global company, your operation is vulnerable to disturbances on the power grid. Our power quality analyser instruments monitor your installation continuously and allow to take action before your process has a shutdown or damage occurs. By means of our continuous monitoring and trigger functionalities we implement preventive and productive maintenance in your electrical installation.

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Airports have a lot of sensitive equipment of which the reliability is very important in order not to disturb normal airport operations. Our power analyser instruments can monitor and report power quality issues before they lead to downtime and have an impact on flight schedules and airport operations. With the 400Hz capability we are able not only to monitor the standard powergrid (50 or 60Hz) but also specific aircraft power supply.

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Medical installations rely on an optimal power quality since they are used in life depending situations and our Power quality Analyser instruments are used to detect problems, monitor installations and devices. This is so we can find disturbances and to allow to implement the correct immunity techniques.

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