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Why Watt Logik?

We stock Power monitoring equipment of the highest standard.

Preventive and predictive maintenance

Detection of problems in an early stage, before they escalate minimise the risk of downtime or damage to equipment. This means a reduction of unforeseen expenses. The possibility to review stored data, wave forms and events helps in the diagnostics of problems. Early detection allows you to interact before it is to late, it allows scheduled interventions in stead of emergency repairs.

Enhanced analytics

Permanent monitoring helps to analyse the situation over time, allows bill verification and allows to create a base line from which a baseline  to define success is derived and from  which a deviation can be reported. It can provide useful information on the electrical installation, for plans to acquire additional equipment and to save energy. It helps to uncover hidden costs.   

Accurate information

Power quality monitoring gives the management accurate information which is used as a base for evaluation of their KPI’s or investment plans and which allows to set goals to the future. 


Whether you are a small businesses or global company, your operation is vulnerable to disturbances on the power grid.

Our instruments monitor your installation continiously and allow to take action before your process has a shutdown or damage occurs.

By means of our continuous monitoring and trigger functionalities we implement preventive and productive maintenance in your electrical installation.


Airports have a lot of sensitive equipment of which the reliability is very important in order not to disturb normal airport operations.

Our instruments can monitor and report power quality issues before they lead to downtime and have an impact on flight schedules and airport operations.

With the 400Hz capability we are able not only to monitor the standard powergrid (50 or 60Hz) but also specific aircraft power supply.


Medical installations rely on an optimal power quality since they are  used in life depending situations. Our instruments are used to detect problems, monitor installations and devices in order to identify  disturbances and to allow to implement the correct immunity techniques.

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